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The works are divided into "A tribute to Cave Painting", "The origins of Abstract art", "A primitive in the Third Millennium", "Neo Cave drawings", "The travertine on canvas". Andrea Benetti amuses himself by mixing old and new symbols; he combines universally understood signs with bizarre ideas and inventions, that he sometimes instinctively employs and other times runs them through extensive study to see what they can achieve. Animal figures borrowed from prehistoric art, horses, bison, mammoths, rhinoceroses and many others, are depicted alongside various geometric figures, bonded together and depicted in colors that are never obvious. They seem to evoke something that goes beyond a mere chromatic perception of the figures, and become a sort of ritual of shapes, that celebrates some ancient pagan spirituality. One of the most fascinating characteristics of Benetti is his ability to create neo-symbolism that mixes the geometries of abstractism with the stylization of existing shapes, adding shadows and bringing them to pure figuratism. He plays with shape and color, as if creating a puzzle, who’s first result is harmony, through which he can communicate a message, often accessible only to those know how to grasp it.